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“All New Fleet for 2023”

8 Pallet Refrigerated Truck Hire

Plus 4 to Minus 30 Deg

Experience the most popular in refrigerated transport with our 8 Pallet Refrigerated Truck Hire. Driven by the latest Isuzu FRR 525 models, these trucks are not only a delight on the road but also uphold the pristine presentation of our entire fleet. With a depth of 4.5 pallets, they feature computerised digital controls and a built-in diesel safety mechanism for electric interruptions.

The 3 phase electric standby ensures a quiet operation. Boasting a 10.5 Tonne GVM, their reliability is unparalleled. The moulded fibreglass body, Todco roller doors, and thermal curtains enhance functionality, while features like load lock bars and interior lighting add convenience. Achieve a chilling -30 degrees Celsius with ease.

  • Isuzu FRR 525 latest models PLEASURE TO DRIVE
  • Latest models – highly presented like all the vehicles in our fleet
  • 4.5 pallets deep with computerised digital controls, built in diesel on safety if electric supply breaks down.
  • 3 phase electric standby
  • Very quiet operation
  • 10.5 Tonne GVM
  • Highly reliable vehicle and refrigeration unit
  • Moulded Fibreglass body
  • Todco roller doors, double pallet side doors
  • Thermal curtains
  • Load lock bars and rails, side steps, interior lighting, access ladder for fridge inspection
  • Minus 30 degrees Celsius

To make a booking for a 8 Pallet Refrigerated Truck Hire or if you have any questions, call 1300 364 575 or submit an online enquiry here: Online Enquiry Form.

Refrigerated Transport Hire offers a self-drive 8 Pallet Refrigerated Truck Hire with a plethora of advantages. Our diverse fleet ensures the secure and temperature-controlled transport of goods. Clients can rely on well-maintained vehicles for a worry-free experience, and flexible rental options accommodate various budgets. With a customer-centric approach and 24/7 support, Refrigerated Transport Hire is the ultimate choice for self-drive refrigerated transport solutions.